Street Vendors Plan To Boycott “Raees”, After SRK Sell Vegetables Online

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Shah Rukh Khan starer movie Raees is scheduled to release this month. Reports on a boycott of Raees by vegetable street vendors is making top headlines for the past few days. The Association of Vegetable Street Vendors (AVSV) that operates from Borivali, Mumbai, has alleged serious charges against the Badshah of Bollywood.

In a statement released by the President of AVSV, Mr. Kaanda, the association has alleged a market loss of nearly 50% to SRK endorsed brand Big Basket. In line with this, the association has called for a boycott of the Bollywood star’s upcoming movie Raees. Hrithik Roshan starer Kaabil will be looking to gain from this controversy as it shares the same release date of Raees.


Raees is SRK’s chance to reign the Bollywood industry once again. Amidst his recent poor performance compared to his contemporaries, SRK was keen on making a blasting comeback with his movie Raees. SRK has sought advice from his dearest friend Karan Johar to overcome this controversy.


Mahira Khan, the leading lady of the upcoming film Raees has been immediately put aside of this entire controversy. Shah Rukh Khan had already promised MNS chief Raj Thackeray to not involve any Pakistani actors/actress associated with Raees, post the latter’s ban on Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hain Mushkil.


More than anyone else, the wife of Mr. Kaanda is deeply affected by this move. She was excited to watch King of romance, Shah Rukh Khan, on the big screen. After her husband’s decision, she has to wait a little longer. Support from various vendor associations have made this protest a little stronger and much louder.


One of the executive member of the association, Gobi Singh, urged the other members to withdraw from the protest. He seemed to be happy with limited earning and wants to admire Mahira Khan on the big screen. The association has expelled him. He has been asked to find a new job. He would have never imagined that being Raees will make him poor.


Another member, Lauki Kumar is a huge fan of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nawaz will be seen donning the role of a villain in the movie Raees. Lauki Kumar expressed his desire to withdraw from the protest. But he is duty bound to take revenge on behalf of his father, his brother, his uncle; they have all become unemployed, after SRK’s endorsement of selling vegetables online.


SRK and the association are scheduled to meet this weekend. They are expected to come to a common conclusion on this controversy. The members from Bollywood industry have come in full support for SRK. The association is allegedly backed by Shiv Sena. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome be, ‘Fans’ will remain loyal.


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