5 Stupidest Things People Argue For and Nobody Cares in the End.

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“We fight with the ones we care for”. Everyone must have had heard of the line but it is not true always. Sometimes we argue with random people to show them that our lifestyle, choices and preferences are better than theirs. But sometimes, in order to make ourselves feel superior and knowledgeable, we fight over stupidest things that doesn’t matter and nobody cares for.

Here is the list of 5 ‘Which is better’ that people argue for but

1. Android or iOs

You see this argument going on almost everywhere; in facebook’s posts’ comments, between your friends, in your house and sometimes with yourselves when you switch from iOs to android or the opposite. But the truth is, they both have a lot of bugs, that needs to be fixed.


2. Marvel or DC

The fight has been going on since a decade now. But no matter which one you support, whenever a movie is released you go and burn a hole in your pocket because we know that no matter who’s movie is released, entertainment is guaranteed.


3. Daily soaps or Movies

Bahu : Maa ji, kya me aaj apni saheliyo ke sath cinema dekhne jaaau?

Maa ji : Nahi bahu ye hamare sanskaar nahi hain.

Bahu : Thik hai maa ji main ghar par reh ke serials dekh leti hu. Maa ji : Nahi bahu usme hamare rishton ka mazak udaaya jata hai jaise wo dikhate hain ki bahu ko saas ki harr baat maan ni chahiye.

*Oh Lord, save me!*


4. Single or Relationship

The bitter truth is, when you are single, you desperately want to get committed and when you are in a relationship, no matter how happy you are, at some point of life, you miss being single.

Single or Relationship

5. Salman or Shahrukh

This is the most talked about topic ever. The duo seems to have patched up but any idea when their fans are going to forget everything and patch up? Oh by the way, Does anybody care? *No comments* .

 Come on folks they both are great plus there are other actors too in the industry.

Salman or Shahrukh

 No matter how stupid the arguments are, everyone enjoys them plus they bring a lot of frustration to the not so interested people, and


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