Sunny Leone in Big Boss 5 House–Uncensored and Unseen Videos

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As expected, famous (rather, infamous) Indo-canadian porn star, Sunny Leone’s entry to Big Boss 5 House happened with a big bang. She has been trying to do every house-hold chores including cleaning and cooking. Big boss house male participants including Sky (Akashdeep Saigal) have been trying to flirt with this adult film actress – Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone has also been speculated as the lead lady in the forthcoming bollywood sequel “Murder 3” opposite Rahul Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s son and Big Boss 4 participant). She has been showing a keen interest in bollywood ever since Sunny Leone landed in Big Boss 5 house. She has been able to grab the Murder 3 role within just 2 days of her participation in the Big Boss 5 house show.


Sunny Leone’s Love Story – Unseen and Uncensored Video of Big Boss House

Below is the uncensored and unseen (not-telecasted in the show) video of Sunny Leone where she talks about her love story (“prem kahani”).

Sunny Leone’s Love Story–Uncensored, Unseen Video of Big Boss 5 House

Sunny Leone’s Unusual Cute Message to Audience – Uncensored and Unseen Video

Here is another uncensored and unseen video of Sunny Leone where she talks to the audience in front of camera with an unusual cute message.

Sunny Leone’s Unusual Cute Message–Uncensored and Unseen Video Footage
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