Tanmay Bhatt Sachin-Lata Snapchat Video – Tanmay Roasted [Opinion]

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So Tanmay Bhat made a snapchat video, discussing the details of which will be pretty useless because everyone who didn’t even know Mr.Bhat seemed to have watched it and are armed with an opinion. In foreign countries, media houses don’t give a jackshit about the comedians, few people who watch them, know them. But hey, in our country we believe in letting the world know the talent of comedians like Kanhiya Kumar and Tanmay Bhat.


Arnab Goswami gathered a panel of 10 (are baap re!) to have an hour long debate on this ‘issue’ choosing to sideline the situation of droughts in Maharashtra or the recently increased service taxes or the hike in petrol and diesel prices. Here a certain Abha Singh (top left in the picture below), a social activist, seemed to be shutting everyone up, not because she was so good, but because she was the loudest and the one making the stupidest arguments, but hey! That IS the secret to win at the Arnab goSWAMIJIs show. She took upon herself to protect the modesty (Seriously woman?) of Lata Mangeshkar who has been apparently insulted, humiliated and her reputation degenerated by Mr. Bhat.


According to her the AIB Roast was scripted because Deepika and Alia were laughing on the vulgar sex(which these activists probably never seem to have, because they are appalled by just hearing the word out loud) jokes and no ‘modest’ woman does that. To all the women out there who so much as let out a giggle on the Roast you are bloody immodest slutty things who are a disgrace to this society (implies Abha).

People burnt Tanmay’s effigies and threatened to break his legs because Sachin and Lataji are icons and by using them for a joke Tanmay hurt the sentiments of millions. According to Abha Singh Tanmay broke the law, and has to be punished. She doesn’t talk about those threatening to break his legs- she doesn’t file an FIR against them. The hypocrisy of it all is funny.

Frankly, I didn’t find the video funny either and I also had my problems with the content. But I am pretty tolerant so all I did was go back to my life. There might be people who found it funny(cant help the low sense of humor some people have). The question is, in a democratic country who decides where to draw the line? And does it even HAVE to be decided. The fact that Lata Mageshkar said “I don’t know who Tanmay Bhat is” says it all. She doesn’t care what he says and she doesn’t care how people are responding to it. The person who is being joked about doesn’t give a damn, so Abha Singh who on earth appointed you as the protector of her modesty?

In a world where we are still facing issues like racism, sexism, rape and terrorism, where men are being granted the right to ‘lightly’ beat their wives, this is the kind of nonsensical topic masses choose to come out on the road for? This doesn’t say anything about Tanmay Bhat (just that his sense of humor seems to have rusted) but is a sharp comment on the joblessness and the pettiness of the people in our country. I didn’t find the joke funny; I found the response to it outrageously hilarious.


This post has been submitted by Shreya Chauhan.


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