Historic Feat In Space Science- Taher Shah Among 104 “Burdens On The Earth” That ISRO Successfully Launched Into Space Simultaneously, Forever.

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At the moment when this article was written, we were just a few minutes away from ISRO’s grand and adventurous launch of the century. We are optimistic that the launch would be successful. 


Yes, you heard it right. ISRO in collaboration with Government of India, mainly PMO, has finalized on a list of the “burdens on the Earth” as well as a grave threat to India that is to be deported forever into the deep space.


ISRO nor any other space agency in the world has ever attempted such an ambitious and herculean task in the past. If the launch of 104 satellites carrying the “burdens of the Earth” goes successful, ISRO will become the first space agency in the world to have achieved such a remarkable feat. The Government of India aliases PMO on another hand can take the full credit to eliminate unwanted human beings living on the Earth that cause a negative mass influence and also for taking a stern action in the view of strengthening National security.

Tahir Shah after earlier dreadful song releases, “Eye to Eye” and much more came up with his latest release called “Angel” last year.

Hailing from Pakistan, he received death threats which made him migrate to India last year. This caused a panic in the office of Home ministry which later contacted PMO for immediate intervention.


PM Modi came up with yet another masterstroke with a blissful idea of deporting Taher Shah as well the humans of his caliber forever into space. Modi was quoted saying, “One leap forward for the betterment of mankind”, with regard to the deportation programme of Taher Shah and people of his likes.


ISRO was made aware of the deportation programme last year and the elite space agency of India came up with an incredible blueprint for the programme in the days to follow. The entire technology was indigenously developed by ISRO.

While the complete list of people to be deported is not yet released officially, MindTheNews has managed to grab a few names. Swami Om, KRK, Stuart Binny, Azam Khan, Uday Chopra, and Dozens of Kashmir Militants are all believed to be in the list of 104.


Arvind Kejriwal was expected to be featured on the list but after severe protest from the AAP party and a few aam aadamis across India, his name was withdrawn. RaGa was deliberately kept out of the list because PM Modi wanted elements of humor for his own relaxation.


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