TCS Employees Requested Facebook To Provide Feature to “Mark Safe” After TCS Annual Appraisal.

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Annual Appraisal is not less than a natural calamity for TCS employees. It is as much uncertain as any natural calamity could  be. Even after TCS boast about having most transparent annual appraisal system in place, most of the employees tend to differ and suffer because of too much control being given to heads to normalise (read, downgrade) any employee’s appraisal grade.

Angry TCSers whose final appraisal grades were downgraded.

Our special correspondent (who is an ex-TCSer) knew a lot about the process himself. To get more details on the same, he spoke with one of the TCS employee named Rajesh (name changed) who is working in one of the newest office building in Gurgaon Gurgram.

Rajesh spoke his heart out with our correspondent as he was asked to keep his mouth shut during recent annual appraisal discussions. We found out from Rajesh, how his performance grade was downgraded from ‘B’ to ‘C’ by some ‘unknown’ entities (read, aliens) at TCS and how he was refused a minimal salary hike even after completing 3 years of working at TCS.

Rajesh got a bit emotional and burst into tears while speaking with us. He said that most of ASE and ITA level employees at TCS (ASEs and ITAs account for more than 93.22345% of Total TCS population) think annual appraisal as some natural calamity which makes their career and life go down any time for no apparent reason. Every year as many as 30-45% of the employees of this grade gets a shock of their life time when the final grades of their appraisals are released to them.

In lieu of all the above, Rajesh along with few more of his colleagues have written to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) to provide a feature to “Mark oneself Safe” or “Unsafe” (depending upon the final grade) during TCS annual appraisals. Mark was quite amused to know about it but after our correspondent briefed him about the reality, he has agreed to  consider their request seriously.

Leaked Image of Facebook’s feature of “Marking Safe” after TCS Annual Appraisal.

When we spoke to Mark for official conformation on the same, he promised that this feature will indeed be made available to all TCSers by next year’s appraisal cycle.

We have also been able to get an inside news from Facebook HQ, that Mark himself will be closely monitoring to see which all TCSers don’t mark themselves safe during annual appraisals. He is making a detailed plan to pull all those TCSers and recruit them to work for him (i.e. Facebook). It is because Mark knows that most of the TCSers are really talented & capable and if they are not duly rewarded by their own company (TCS) then he will more than happy to give them what they truly deserve.

Some of our most trusted sources present in other IT /MNC operating in India have reported that soon after this feature is rolled out to TCS employees, they will also demand for the same.

So, if such a feature of marking oneself safe (or unsafe) is provided then it will be proved to be a win-win situation for the employees as well as Facebook as both will get benefited enormously by this.

We spoke with TCS CEO Mr. CH Nandra to know about what actions he will be taking to make the annual appraisal system more transparent and genuine. But rather than answering this question, we found him instructing HR heads to find the employees who have approached Facebook for this and asked HR heads to terminate them immediately.

With a hope to see Rajesh and many more of TCSers working for Facebook very soon, our correspondent left the TCS CEO office without getting any reply.


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