These Pics Explain About Seven Best Things Happened Because of Net Neutrality

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These seven pics will make you understand the importance of Net Neutrality and what all has happened because of Net Neutrality. This also explains the facts why India wants net neutrality. These pics titled “Because of Net Neutrality” have been created by PlusSource in association with The Logical Indian.

For all those, who are still in a bit of dark on what actually a net neutrality is and why there is so much hue and cry about it now.

As per net neutrality, you as a internet user, are free to use and access any site in lieu of the broadband charges that you have paid to your ISP. ISP can not ask for more money to make you access certain sites and app on internet. Nor, ISP has any rights restrict access (to any site) or discriminate by making certain site accessed faster than others (obviously, in lieu of extra money).

The issue came to lime light in India when one of the ISP Airtel tried to do away with net neutrality by introducing a new plan named Airtel Zero. This plan allowed free access to certain selected sites – mostly the ones which have paid Airtel to do so.

Only Because of Net Neutrality – Quality Content from Small Players Wins Over Big Banners.


Indian Flipkart is Earning More than International Amazon – Only Because of Net Neutrality.



You Are Free to Book Cheap Tickets – Only Because of Net Neutrality


3 Years Old small Political Party (AAP) is more famous on web than a 100 years old giant congress – Only Because of Net Neutrality.


You can Decide Which App to Use to Make Calls and to Chat – Only Because of Net Neutrality.


Order Food of Your Choice with Best Discount – Only Because of Net Neutrality.


Startup Gives Sleepless Nights to a World #1 Cab Company – Only Because of Net Neutrality.



Hopefully, you would have understood what is net neutrality all about and why it is important not to lose it at any cost. As we see, above all could have happened because of net neutrality. And, if have to lose it, then you will find the internet becomes a slave of only big companies and people. So, support #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality.

Do share your comments about other things that could have happened because of net neutrality.


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