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How do you feel about the person who encouraged you to take that one last step forward which youmanabi-katoach were going to take back after a long tiring journey towards your goal? A sense of gratitude and a special place in your heart, right?

I feel the same for Mind The News. It was almost more than a decade that I was writing and more than a year that I tried sending my articles to various magazines and websites for publication.

All I got was rejections and a question that have I worked before as a writer? I was about to quit writing when I received a mail asking for a sample article. I had send an article on the victory of Modi and it got selected. This is how I started working with MindTheNews The articles were fun but the satires hit hard to any situation that was a matter of worry for the nation.

I thank Team Mind The News and Maninder Singh for boosting me to take up that last step towards my goal. I thank the entire team for selflessly working and entertaining India !!!

Manabi Katoach Bacher.







I am the author of the book #IAm16ICanRape. It’s an independent book that questions the Juvenile Justice System of India and raises voice AGAINST growing rape culture. Mind the News published an article about the book. I want to thank Maninder Pal Singh and the whole team of Mind the News for taking a stand for the issues that are pertinent to the country and giving new authors like me an opportunity to reach to a wider audience.


– Kirtida Gautam, Author, IAm16ICanRape.







For any debut author it is a pleasure to be interviewed, that too by a popular online news portal. I am thankful to Mindthenews.comfor featuring me directly after the book launch of my debut novel ‘Without You’.

It instilled a confidence in me and also helped in promoting my book to a larger audience both on social media and online pages. 

I thank Maninder Pal Singh for the encouragement and boost that was given to me through the article exactly at the time when it was required the most.

I wish the very best for team ‘Mindthenews.com.

Preethi Venugopala, Author, Without You.

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