The Minute Bistro – Bangalore Cafe Where You Pay Per Minute But Food and Drinks are Free.

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The Minute Bistro in Bangalore offers free food and drinks. Yes, it is true. But, what they charge for is time. They charge Rs.5 per hour and that comes out to be Rs. 300 per hour. However, you can eat and drink whatever you want for free. You can spent your time at The Minute Bistro for watching TV, reading, playing games or accessing free WiFi and working.

The Minute Bistro has been started by Enayet Ansari and his friend Nikhil Kamath and this new concept is being liked by many people who come here to spend time with friends and also work.


“I wanted this to be a home-outside-your-home kind of place…only you are paying some rent to spend time there,” is how Enayet explains the concept of the café in Kasturi Nagar. You pay Rs. 5 for every minute spent there.

Such cafes are not so uncommon inn Russia and in London but its definitely a new concept in India in Bangalore. The cafe offers a home like atmosphere and it has 55inch LED, free WiFi, books, magazine, board games and a playstation as well.

“I’m only trying to think and do something different from what others are doing now,” he says when asked “why this”? Enayet, 32, details his life very quickly “I’m from Kolkata, and studied BSc in Genetics at M.S. Ramaiah College in Bengaluru, went on to work in Dubai, and later became an event manager and photographer in Bengaluru.”

The cafe also offers a premium service of Rs. 8 per hour during 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM. This premium service brings you a special breakfast menu of eggs with herb roasted potato and mini chicken sausages.

The cafe is visited by corporates for meeting purposes as well as students and people working to start-up with their new venture. Enayet says, “We provide a conducive working space for people running start-ups and a venue to meet like-minded individuals.”

They are offering Do-It-Yourself kind of food on the menu and have all the required raw material like veggies, fruits, milk team coffee, a sandwich toaster and a chopping board. So, you can make your own sandwich the way you want. They have two people who are taking care of cleaning the mess you leave after preparations and they also refill all materials before the same gets over.

For details see or call 9916173613


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