These Posters Better Explain The Reality of Indian Judiciary

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Indian constitution and legal system has so many loop holes and flaws that make life easy for those who are either rich or in power. But most of the time, it acts against the ones who need it most i.e. poor, common man. Here is a list of posters which exactly describe wonderfully the reality of Indian judiciary system and how it is biased towards some sections of the society.

Biased Indian Judiciary for Superstars – No Jail for Salman Khan.


Biased Indian Judiciary – Terrorist Ajmal Kasab Gets to Enjoy the 4 years of Hospitality before finally get hanged.


Biased Indian Judiciary – No Rules for Sanju Baba, Every Day on Parole.


Biased Indian Judiciary – Juvenile Can Rape But can Not Be Punished.


Biased Indian Judiciary – Section 377 Imposed.


Biased Indian Judiciary – No Jail for Politicians.


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