Top 100 Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions Captured Uncensored

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In this post, we will be capturing all the top wardrobe malfunctions of all time. . So keep a watch on this space for all the most infamous wardrobe malfunctions that keep occurring all through 2014 and further.

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Nargis Fakhri flashes her assets at Lakme Fashion Week

Actress Nargis Fakhri flashed her assets as she walked the ramp in an off-shoulder dress for designer Shehlaa on day 5 of Lakme Fashion Week. Take a look at the pics below;

nargis-fakri-flashed-her-assets-lakme-fashion-week nargis-fakri-walk-the-ramp-at-lakme-fashion-week-2014

Kristen Bell’s Accidental Malfunction

Kristen Bell showed off more than she meant to at the Veronica Mars premiere. See the Kristen Bell’s accidental flasher pic below.

Kristen Bell's Accidental Panty Flasher Alert

Wearing a pink strapless J Mendel dress the actress walked the red carpet with a smile… until a gust of wind opened her skirt like an umbrella.

The actress kept her cool, laughed it off and made a funny “oh no!” face.

Miley Cyrus  performs in minimal dress on Stage

Miley Cyrus goes minimalist, performs in her underwear

Is it still a wardrobe malfunction if almost no wardrobe is involved in the malfunction? Miley Cyrus was a case in point Sunday night in Milwaukee when she went on stage wearing only minimal.

The singer herself explained on Twitter afterward what had happened: “not a new outfit for 23 I didn’t make my quick change and I couldn’t not come out for the song so I just had to run out in my ..”

Bethenny Frankel Exposed on Anderson Show – Video Went Viral

Bethenny Frankel, a 41 years old and mother of two  American reality show personality accidentally showed her pink piece on famous Anderson Cooper’s show. She was about to do push-ups on the show and this happened as soon as she dropped down to do it. he official censored video went viral soon after it was posted on web.



Snooki Avoids Dress Slip [Pictures]

Nicole Elizabeth Snooki has possible been able to avoid a major wardrobe malfunction while she was out on her way to SiriusXM in New York city. However, looking at the uncensored  photos, can we say that she did really avoid this.


Vanessa Hudgens’ Bikini Top Dropped at Hawaii Beach

Venessa Hudgens accidently dropped her bikini top while she was promoting her upcoming film along with her boyfriend at Hawaii beach. Have a look at all the photos of Vanessa Hudgen’s bikini wardrobe malfunction in Hawaii.


LeAnn Rimes Bikini Wardrobe Malfunction

Singer LeAnn Rimes has suffered yet another bikini wardrobe malfunction on the beach in Maui, Hawaii. She was spotted playing football with an unidentified female friend wearing real small swimsuit that could barely cover her back. The two tossed a football and tried to tackle each other to the sand. As they rough-housed, Rimes had to keep pulling on her suit, which alternated between showing her, ahem, cheeks and butt crack.


Miley Cyrus

Though no official confirmation on this, but this below photo of Miley Cyrus has been making round all over the web. It seems, Miley Cyrus has not actually had any wardrobe malfunction as such but she was just spotted pulling her top down while she was changing in a VIP area of an unknown club in Spain.


TOWIE star Chloe Sims’s Wardrobe Malfunction while Shopping

Essex star Chloe Sims – while she was out for shopping wearing nothing but a thin layered pink tracksuit even in extremely cold weather.


Pop Singer Rihanna’s Dress Slip

Pop Singer Rihanna suffered this dress slip wardrobe malfunction at P Diddy’s New Year party in Miami. She was wearing a lovely black knee-length dress which had a plunging neck line. Little did she realized though that her black dress alone was just not enough to hide the bare which were getting all showed up with.

Rihanna seem to have suffered a bikini wardrobe malfunction just few days back towards end of 2011.

. pop-singer-celebrity-rihanna-top-nipple-slip-wardrobe-malfunction-2012


New Delhi (India) Auto Expo 2014 Model’s Dress Slip [Video]

The mega Auto expo 2014 kicked off in a much glamourous note amidst chilling cold weather of New Delhi, India on January 5, 2014. A foreign model showcasing a black SUV before media suffered wardrobe malfunction during the exhibition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The foreigner model wearing short pink dress exposed her assets more than she could have even realized. This was ofcourse a treat for glamour hungry media cameramen who didn’t waste even a second to capture that most sensual moment of the Auto Expo 2014.



Auto Expo Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 2012, Model Dress Slip Wardrobe Malfunction Video


Ashley Greene Escaped a big Wardrobe Malfunction at People’s Choice Awards

Ashley Greene experienced not big but a bit of a wardrobe malfunction Wednesday evening at the People’s Choice Awards in L.A. According to a report from Hollywood Life, no and no. As wardrobe malfunctions go it was a rather benign one, but likely proved embarrassing to Greene just the same.


Ashley was decked out in a stylish black leather dress with lace sleeves. When the stage lights hit the dress just right, however, all fans could concentrate on was her under wear. Fortunately, unless Ashley was seeing herself in a monitor at the time, she wasn’t even remotely aware of her wardrobe malfunction until after the People’s Choice Awards had ended.

Do you recall seeing any additional wardrobe malfunctions during the People’s Choice Awards? Hopefully Ashley Greene’s was the worst of the evening, which would mean that all in all it wasn’t a horrible evening where malfunctions were concerned. It’s too bad that Ashley’s stylist didn’t do a wardrobe check under suitable lighting before the awards show was underway. Hers was one of those rare wardrobe malfunctions that probably could have been rectified before it turned embarrassing.

Despite the malfunction, Ashley Greene looked lovely at the People’s Choice Awards, and hopefully isn’t feeling too awfully embarrassed as her dress are the topics of a few conversations a day later.

Sarah Hyland’s Dress Zipper Break Wardrobe Malfunction at Golden Globes Awards

After the recent wardrobe malfunction of Ashley Greene at People’s Choice awards, it was not the turn of Sarah Hyland’s wardrobe malfunction at Golden Globes awards. It simply wouldn’t be a memorable awards carpet without a celebrity wardrobe malfunction. At Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, the unfortunate mishap happened to red carpet newcomer Sarah Hyland, the adorable big-eyed Modern Familyactress.

Sarah Hyland

The zipper on the TV actress’ vintage Dolce & Gabbana dress was replaced with a new one, but it still broke and she blames McDonald’s. Read the full story about Sarah Hyland’s wardrobe malfunction.

Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif in Black Top

Bollywood’s famous actress of “Shiela Ki Jawani” fame has suffered a wardrobe malfunction at Mumbai International Airport when she was spotted in her black top. Katrina obviously not aware of this but paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to capture her photos. Read more about Katrina Kaif’s  Wardrobe Malfunction.


Miley Cyrus Spotted in See Through Black T-Shirt

This is not the first time when Miley Cyrus has been spotted in see through dress with wearing nothing under her top. This time, famous Hollywood star, 19 years old Miley Cyrus was spotted in see through black top at her man Liam’s birthday party.

Though, they tried their best to avoid but still could not escape the media cameras from capturing the beautiful shot of Miley’s see through top which exposed more than what she could have asked for. Read more about Miley Cyrus See Through dress wardrobe malfunction.


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