Virender Sehwag to Open a School to Teach How-to-Tweet.

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Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag is nowadays rocking on Twitter just like he used to rock in the field with bat. He has more than 7.1 million followers and never disappoints them.

His tweets often make the readers roll on the floor and laugh (zyada hogya?). They create a sense of respect for his humour among his fans. The screenshots of his tweets reach other social media platforms too like Facebook and Quora.

He is rocking the platform as any other comedian does. He expresses his views in his own punny way and he is savage. He has impressed Twitter so much that twitteratis are going to him to learn his ways and he is gladly teaching. The demand of his guidance has increased so much that he is compelled to open his own institute.

The institute will be inaugurated in January 2017 with 150 students in the first batch. There was so much demand that Sehwag had to keep an entrance test to select students. Fortunately he did not consider any quota while making the final selection. Viru is as excited as the students for this institutes.

The name of the institute will be ‘Twitter school of phun’ where Viru will teach his ways to his students in a phunny way. The name of the institute is obviously kept by Sehwag. The school will offer a diploma course in ‘Twitter phun’ for 1 whole year. After a year the selection process will again commence and the cycle will go on.

When asked why Sehwag is pressing over ‘Twitter’ when puns are acceptable in other social media platforms too he replied that twitter is a different platform. Twitter has a certain word limit and he will teach his students to throw savage sarcastic comments and puns within the word limit.  He says following the word limit on Twitter and being able to completely express one’s feelings is an art that’s not easy to master. Students should have eternal thirst of knowledge and evergreen flow of sarcasm to learn this art and ace it.

Sehwag has said passing from the school will be very difficult as in the end he would take a 1000 marks test of his students. The test will contain only 2 tweets, 50 marks each. Out of the 50 marks he has allotted each mark to a technique. According to him he will keep the standard of the test very high and the ones who will clear the test will win Twitter.

Seeing the huge demand for this school Government is offering loans without collateral security to the kids who will be selected. Government is proud to see the talent India adorns.

Some of the people who are preparing for the entrance test include Sahil Shah, Sapan Verma and Bhuvan Bam. These names are very familiar to us as they make us laugh really hard. Even they feel like they need more training and are sincerely trying to get into Sehwag’s school.

Let’s hope Sehwag’s school gets awesome alumni in future and Twitter gets more awesome users. Here is a tweet of Sehwag with his dog to cheer you up!


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