U-Turn Kiran Bedi vs Arvind Kejriwal for Delhi CM?

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We have Arvind Kejriwal who resigned as a Delhi CM for “Jan Lokpal Bill” and now we have Kiran Bedi who left “Jan Lokpal Bill” to be a Delhi CM. This is not the only criteria which disqualifies Kiran Bedi to be a Delhi CM. She has made a U-turn on many issues for which earlier she was standing against BJP (and Congress) but now standing in unison with BJP. So what have so changed so drastically  that made Ms Bedi to take such a drastic step to join one of the most corrupt and criminal party of India, BJP.

Arvind Kejriwal vs U-Turn Kiran Bedi for Delhi CM?


However, it doesn’t seem easy now for Kejriwal. Not because, he doesn’t deserve it but just because Indians are born followers and not leaders. Arvind Kejriwal wants them to be leaders but they prefer to walk with the crowd mindlessly. That is the reason, we see BJP and Narendra Modi ruling India today inspite of their communal and criminal background.


So, even now, won’t be surprised if you find Kiran Bedi as the Delhi CM soon instead of Kejriwal inspite of the fact that she has many official statements on record which she made against BJP and NaMo. It is only because, BJP lack a face to present as the Delhi CM and Kiran Bedi is desperate to become one.

One can not forget that if we see BJP and NaMo in power today, it is not because of Modi wave. It is only because of anti-Congress wave which Kejriwal and Anna had started with their “Dharnas” from Ramlila Ground few years back. BJP just tried to encash on that and used huge money and powers to divert the anti-congress lot to become a pro-BJP-Modi lot.

Many people have written and talked about how they idolized Kiran Bedi during their upbringing years. Without fail, they tend to talk about just one big incident where Kiran Bedi craned Indira Gandhi’s car due to violation of traffic rules. That one incident is all that is being talked as her biggest qualification to be a Delhi CM. But same people fail to understand that she was also one of the active member of team Anna and Kejriwal. So, to fight against the system by being in the system, Kejriwal took the pain and efforts to launch its own party. On the other hand, Kiran Bedi tried to join hands with the ones whom she was fighting against one day. Only because, they are in power now and she can easily get a good position without much efforts.

Kiran Bedi’s Tweets Against BJP and Modi

Let’s take a look at some of the official statements and tweets made by Kiran Bedi once upon a time. But now, she has taken a U-Turn on all those statements and tweets only to be with the U-Turn guys.



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And, finally, let’s conclude with an interesting fact, that when Kiran Bedi was DGM prisons in Tihar, Amit Shah was an under-trial. Today, Amit Shah is the Boss. 🙂



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