USA Upgrades GPS To “Alcohol Vend Finder System” Especially For Indians In Response To India’s Alcohol Ban In & Around Highways.

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The new Financial Year 2017 started off with some major functional reforms taking place in India. Soon after the decision passed by the Supreme Court of India to ban the selling of alcohol in and around 500 meters of National Highways and State Highways, there has been a sense of unrest emanating out from various sections of Indian society. While some welcome this judicial overreach by the Supreme Court of India, the majority of people are doubting the efficacy of such a decision.


Cashing on the recent unrest caused by a principalist judicial decision, the major tech giants like Google, Microsoft has already rolled out a new service which will work with the help of USA’s Global Positioning System (GPS). The new service has been named “Alcohol Vend Finder System” and is specially been designed for Indian conditions in a record-breaking time. “What it does is that Indians who are struggling to find alcohol around Highways can easily log into the newly built Alcohol Vend Finder System App and can easily locate nearby alcohol vends”, said an executive from Google.


While the state governments are busy denotifying the State highways into major district roads in order to go beyond the jurisdiction of the SC’s order, the Alcohol Vend Finder System is yet to gain popularity among the locals. For this, the tech giants have tied up with major car manufacturers in India to install this system in their upcoming car models. This is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders and will ultimately benefit the customer.


Mind The News got down to the center and interviewed few people who were affected by this judicial decision. One of the drunkards opened up to share his story. He resides nearby a Highway road. There was an alcohol vend next to his house. It was a life in paradise for the drunkard which turned into a life full of sorrow after the nearby alcohol shop closed due to the SC’s order. “I have not been able to find alcohol for days”, mourned the drunkard. “This ban is worse than demonetization. At least we were able to withdraw some cash then if not as required, but now we are not able to find even a single alcohol shop in the city”, said another concerned drunkard.   


Several traveling groups like the road-trip gangs are also facing difficulties since they mostly rely on alcohol vends located on highways for their alcohol stock throughout the journey. With this new order coming into force, traveling towards the city for filling their alcohol stock seems to be a big challenge for them. Perhaps apps like the latest Alcohol Vend Finder System will be able to address this issue.