Video of alleged child abuse at childcare centre in Malysia goes viral

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A childcare centre in Perak has been hit with claims of child abuse, after a video of a woman scolding and hitting a crying toddler went viral.

The video that was posted on the Friends of BN – Barisan National Facebook page shows a woman in a headscarf hitting a toddler several times.

The beginning of the video showed the woman holding another infant’s hand, and telling the person recording the video that the toddler had bitten him.

The woman later hit the crying toddler’s face, back and leg while scolding her. She then took the toddler’s hand and hit her arm.

The toddler’s cries were temporarily halted when the woman squeezed the toddler’s cheeks and scolded the child.

The video that was uploaded on Monday afternoon has since gone viral, with close to 40,000 views in an hour.

The Facebook post was written by a person that claimed to be a former employee, who alleged that the owner of the childcare centre hit a child and would always scold the children.

Video of alleged child abuse at childcare centre goes viral

(Source: IANS)

“She would also prepare awful food for the children,” said the former employee.

The post and video received over 1,000 shares and generated over 700 comments within an hour.

When contacted by The Star, the owner of the childcare centre denied the claims of abuse and refused to comment further.

A Facebook user Dinie Asraf commented on the post, saying that it was not child abuse and that the toddler was only hit softly.

Ija Syaza said that she worked at a kindergarten before and had not hit a child until the child cried like the toddler in the video.

“If I hit, I don’t hit that hard,” she said.

Nurizaty Ismail says that the toddler that bit the other child was wrong and deserved to be scolded. However, the woman was wrong to beat the toddler.

“If my child bit another child, and my child got hit, I would be mad,” said Nurizaty.

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Posted by Friends of BN – Barisan Nasional on Sunday, September 20, 2015


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