Kejriwal Launched a Campaign Against Farmers’ Suicide. BJP’s Vijay Goel Will Commit Suicide to Mark His Protest Against The Campaign.

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Out of sheer habit of protesting against Kejriwal, BJP’s Vijay Goel has broken the Odd-Even rule to mark his protest against the Odd-Even campaign. He has been challaned Rs. 3500 for the same. It included Rs. 2000 for violating against Odd-Even, Rs. 1000 for not carrying vehicle insurance and another Rs. 500 for not carrying driving license.

Many parts of India including Maharashtra are severely affected with drought and due to which many farmers are forced to commit suicide. BJP’s state as well center Govt., are as usual sleeping and are least bothered with this.

Vijay Goel Doing Rehearsal of Committing Suicide by Climbing a Tree.

However, now Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal has now decided to take up this issue and start a nation-wide campaign against farmers’ suicide. As soon as this news reached BJP’s Vijay Goel, he immediately announced to mark his protest against this campaign and said, he will be committing suicide to violate the campaign.

He is yet to inform about the date and venue for the same. 🙂


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