Chris Gayle Hits First-ever Double Century in World Cup Cricket – 10 Most Viral Memes

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Here are the most funny and viral memes and toons around West indies opener Chris Gayle hitting the first-ever double century in World Cup Cricket against Zimbabwe. On the same day, 5 years back, God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has scored the first-ever double century in an ODI against South Africa in Gwalior.

Hitting a double century in 138 balls, Chris Gayle has also beaten the Sehwag’s record of a fastest ODI double century in 140 balls.

Chris Gayle Scores First-ever World Cup Double Century and a Fastest in any ODI.

Well, people calls Sachin Tendulkar a god of cricket. Now, when Chris Gayle has scored the first ever double century in a World Cup Cricket and a fastest one in any ODI, he is being called as Godzilla of Cricket.



Gayle Scores a Fastest ODI Double Century – This is not an IPL.

With a fastest ever double century in any ODI, Chris Gayle needs to be remind about it not being an IPL. 🙂


 And, Chris Gayle apologized to Pakistan.


 Obviously, with such an inning, in PK style, ee sassurra hamar gola ka naa hee hai.



Rajnikanth seems to get his heir finally.


Mallaya advises Gayle not to hit too high.


 Gayle asks for an apology to the Umpire.


Chris Gayle – Daal mein kuch kaala hai.



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