“We Want To Come Home”, Tweets Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi On Social Media.

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After netting huge amount of public money into their kitties and subsequently losing it all, Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi are now willing to return home. With demonetization in action, the past business tycoons Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi have lost all their stashed money. Coming back to India would have been their last resort. The tweet revealed that they were eager to return to India with a hidden intention to fool the public again.

With banks’ profit bulging in with huge amounts of deposits, Vijay Mallya is hoping to get crores of loans again to refinance his debts! Lalit Modi is counting on this year’s IPL to earn quick money. This reminds one of a thoughtful phrase, “Old habits die hard!” 


A few days back, a ‘shok-sabha’ was organized in London in condolence to their lost money aka Indian public money. Both Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi gave hints on returning to India as they were guilty of betraying their homeland all this while. They hope to come out clean and live the rest of their life in India. Some section of the media believes it to be a well-executed sympathy gaining stunt.


If reports were to be believed, Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi have eyed on a golden opportunity to come back to India. They were probably waiting for PM Modi to demonetize the high valued currency so that banks get busy in exchanging currency notes while they come back secretly escaping all the limelight.


The tax officials of India has put their cyber cell on a high alert to track further online activities of Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi. But the close aids of Vijay Mallya seems to be suggesting otherwise. He has put all the rumors about the reason for their return to rest.

In an interview exclusively to MindTheNews, the close aid of Vijay Mallya accused the slow economic growth of Britain over the past years. Also, Vijay Mallya is finding it very difficult to bribe the politicians and bank officials there in order to secure loans. He had plans of settling in Italy, the home of UPA’s President Sonia Gandhi. But owing to her frequent illness, she has lost her influence in her hometown as well as over her “Son”. Considering all these failing factors, Vijay Mallya prefers to return home and con the Indian public as he did until now.


The same applies for Lalit Modi who has now exhausted his illegal money that he earned during the initial seasons of IPL. With IPL 2017 scheduled to start in April, this is the best time for his return to India and use his influence all over again.


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