Whatsapp Chat Between a TCSer and TCS HR Discussing Salary Hike.

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March-April is the time of annual appraisals in India’s top software company Tata Consultancy Services. What sort of discussions take place between TCS HR and a TCSer and how does HR department convinces a TCS employee about not giving a salary hike?

Well,  our most talented correspondent Mr. Lundar Prasad Chaurasia, who happens to be an ex-TCSer himself has been able to spy on a whatsapp conversation between TCS HR and an ASE level TCSer Rajesh (name changed) who works in one of the offices in Gurgaon Gurugram.

So, below is the exact discussion that Rajesh had with TCS HR when he asked for a salary hike in this year’s annual appraisal. We are sad to inform you that Rajesh’s final grade was normalised /downgraded from ‘B’ to ‘C’ by HR because he did a serious “non-bailable” crime of asking for a salary hike after completing 3 years in TCS.




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