Who Are Sikhs and What is Sikhism? This Animated Video Answers That in a Very Cute Way.

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Do you also belong to one of those who feel curious to know about religion called Sikhism and who are Sikhs. Then, this cute little animated video will answer your query. A very short yet cute video by Little Sikhs tries to tell about who are Sikhs and what is Sikhism all about in a very nice, short and cute way.

Must watch this viral video if you wanna know about Sikhism.

As mentioned on their youtube channel, “LittleSikhs is glad to present ‘TURBAN..TURBAN..TURBAN..’ an animated viral video compiled by Manpreet Singh. This video is focused to spread awareness about basics of Sikhism. Your feedback is appreciated. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.”


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