Why The Freedom 251 Might Be The Scammiest Scam Of the year?

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There is not one but many reasons to believe that Freedom251 may be the scammiest scam of the year. The unprofessional website, company and its promoters background and above all too less price are some of the parameters which make Freedom251 look far from reality.

Here is a post from Quora that probably lists down most of the things that goes raises suspicion on Freedom251. So, if you have booked it already and paid up the money, then keep track by doing regular followups. And if you are one of those lucky ones who could not buy/register it or booked it with Cash on Delivery option, then there is not much you need to worry about.

Here’s Why The Freedom 251 Might Be The Scammiest Scam Of the year.

This freedom 251 will emerge as fantastic scam duping millions and the schemers will escort free.

It’s almost 12 hours since the launch of what promises to be the most controversial phone in the world this year, and we’re as confused as everyone else. Nothing adds up about the Rs. 251 phone, not even the price tag. Here’s why.There’s whitener used to cover up the real logoIt’s apparently a product of Adcom, a company known for Chinese rebranded phones.

  • Chinese Smartphone. Whitener used to Hide Name. Sold in garb of Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” campaign. The phone didn’t even switch ON.


  • You can even buy half the phone, apparently These guys have redefined EMIs and half-off – just buy half the phone? Freedom to order even half of it.


    • They booked full page ads,but cannot handle one second of Internet traffic.

    People at at Noida’s Ringing Bells- a mobile maker’s office, protesting for failing to book R251 smartphone.

    • It’s too blatant an Apple copy

    There’s no creative inspiration here  – the company has reportedly straight up lifted icons (including the web browser, calculator, camera and email) from Apple’s iOS. if Apple sues, you can say goodbye to your budget phone dreams.

    Meanwhile a lot of local stores are scamming people by taking Rs 251  In the advance for the phone.

  • How the heck are they planning to make money?

  • Freedom251 not subsidised/certified/registered by Govt Agency-Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd formed on 16/09/2015.


  • Ashok Chadha, president at Ringing Bells, tried to explain the so-called business model of a phone that seems to be retailing at a loss. For one, there’s no government subsidy at play here. Despite a manufacturing cost of Rs. 2500, Chadha claimed“economies of scale”. In his words: “If you look at the Indian market, it is at 2-crore units a month. If you take 30 per cent of that, then you achieve economies of scale. Because of this economies of scale, we reduce the cost of the phone by around Rs.500.”Then, there’s duty exemptions. “First, we reduce around Rs.400 on the Rs.2,500 price by getting a duty exemption.”And to top it all off, Ringing Bills is trying to beat India’s leading ecommerce sites.  “Many players want to use our e-commerce platform to sell their products, so we make up the remaining Rs.700-800.Kirti Somaiya has filed a complaint in TRAI here’s the copy of that.


  • Wow !! The company registered it’s website 8 days prior the sale on 18th Feb.​


  • Moreover ‘Pay now’ button is the JavaScript which takes you back to the cart .Technically you cannot book phone with it.

On a side note… RingingBells was set up by Mohit Kumar Goel, who goes by “Cutemohit” on Facebook Freedom251


  • Scheme is Make in India . English used is Make -in- Nigeria.Just look at the poor grammar used by the company help executive, raises many questions on their credibility.Moreover the Revenue model of the company is not yet out till then I consider it a scam.Telcom Ministry has called clarification on Marketing without BIS and also asked UP Govt to check Bonafide of the company.Want to make your own Freedom 251 ? You can ! All you need is an Adcom Ikon 4, and some orange, white and green for the tricolour .Remembere to buy extra white paint to cover up Adcom logo.
  • Wow !! They are delivering mobile phones even in Antarctica !!Flipkart and Amazon should learn from them. 😀




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