Modi and India falling a prey to Facebook ? Changing the DP to Tri-Color is only a Gimmick to Show Support Against Net Neutrality and It Has Got Nothing to do With Digital India.

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Open your browser, type and bang its tricolour profile pictures ! reason behind being digital India ? Ever since Mark Zuckerberg changed his profile picture to a tri colour shade to render his support to digital India as discussed with the Modi government during the town-hall meet last week , we Indians have been following Mark ! Tri coloured pictures are flooded in every timeline and likes are poured in !

Modi -Zukerberg tricolor dp

Mark being one of the internet leaders had the motive of giving universal access of internet , which means providing internet access to the developing nations.

In tie up with six other companies Facebook runs to provide over all universal access. now, it may seem as a philanthropic idea that one that would help develop remote villages , it is actually a blow of freedom to the internet lovers and also net neutrality. Facebook is piggybacking this motive to show itself as a benefactor to the world ?

facebook digital India

Everyone will love free internet . And with access to the most remote areas in the world , people will do anything to get the access.

The twist in the story is that limited access which will be provided only to Facebook and other partner sites. Thus there will be a limited access of sites and this will serve as the death traps to good emerging startups.

The emergence of zillions of startups with hopeful dreams and ideas for the world would be not possible when turns on. Well Mark was not only thinking of making Facebook the monopoly of the internet world , but make internet as a whole monopoly of ideas under him .
Way to go young man !

Well,  with Modi visiting Mark last week he has gained tremendous support and assurance that Modi government will be on his side and that giving a helping hand to “digital India” wont be a big problem with India being the second largest user base apart from US for Facebook.

Where is this leading to ? Are we trying to kill net neutrality ?

It is truly evident that Facebook makes a good move towards the future lane . But are we supporting them ? When you want a tri-coloured Profile picture , then yeah you do support Facebook for all its wrong endeavors of killing net-neutrality as well. Well, this is actually what is evident from the behind the scene code of any tricolor DP that its actually to show support against net neutrality under the name of Digital India only to fool Modi and hence, whole of India (check the below pic).



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