WeWontGiveItBack World Cup Cricket 2015 – Funny Memes

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Ever since the beginning of World Cup Cricket 2015, the mood of India is set to we #WeWontGiveItBack as the Team India’s morale is quite high. With each match in the current tournament, their confidence is only getting a further boost and their belief getting firm that – we won’t give it back (World Cup 2015).

Anyways, our wishes are too with Indian cricket team and hope they will BleedBlue and ofcourse, WeWontGiveItBack.

WeWontGiveItBack and BleedBlue – Funny Memes & Celeb Tweets

Here are 8 most funny memes that sets the mood and better explain why we (Indians) won’t give it back and will BleedBlue.

Bakchod Billi, famous comic character trolls  Virat Kohli (& Anushka Sharma) and Australia about Ind Vs Aus Semi-final match which is being played today.


Here is another one where Bakchod Billi tells the better definition of a world cup cricket tournament. 🙂


 Men-in-Blue all set and prepared that we WeWontGiveItBack (world cup) and instead offer Virat Kohli.


 This is the day when India meets Australia in the Semi Finals of the WCC 2015.



 Famous fictional character Dekh Bhai reminds about not to miss the India Vs Aus Semi Final match at any cost.


Obviously, when Indian have bought majority of the tickets for INDvsAUS match, then how could Aussies call it their home match.


And finally, why WeWontGiveItBack – can not have a better explanation than what the below meme informs.


Meanwhile, Bollywood celebs too seems to be in full spirit and are tweeting to say #WeWontGiveItBack and #BleedBlue. Let’s take a look what some of them have tweeted;


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