World No Tobacco Day – 8 Posters That Reveal the Reasons Why is it Really Difficult to Quit Smoking.

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Today is World No Tobacco Day. Every year, thousands of smokers take a pledge on this day to quit smoking for ever. But they never end up really quitting and are back to start on the first opportunity they get.

What are the real reasons they people are not able to quit smoking so easily. Here are there 8 posters that reveal the real reasons behind it.


Your Best Friend is a Chain Smoker.

Most difficult situation for a person to quit smoking in such a case. Because, his best friend is also a best inspiration for him to never quit.



Smell from Others Smoking Gets You Started Back.

Just imagine, you are trying to quit smoking but you get to smell from some one else smoking and it makes the things even more difficult for you to call it off.



You Won’t Get a Pressure Unless You Smoke.

It could be a myth but many people have developed an habit where they don’t get the morning pressure so easily unless they smoke a cigarette.



You Feel the Urge to Smoke to Feel Some Warmth.

Its a chilling weather and the first thing that comes to your mind to feel warm is by smoking.



Smoking is Must to Handle Heavy Work Pressure and Related Stress.

You are stressed out with heavy work load at office and a tea with a smoke is all you need immediately. Again, its just only because of your bad lifestyle.



You Are Trying to Quit and err… a Female Colleague Invites You to Join for a Smoke.

Now, what to do. You are stuck, you cannot say a NO even if you want to.



Drinking is Incomplete without Smoking.

Now, this is another habit that is posing a bottleneck to quit smoking. Most people like to smoke a lot whenever they drink. So, unless you quit drinking, it seems difficult to quite smoking.



Quitting is Not Easy.

It is for most smokers as they have formed a habit. So, you have to accept the fact that it may not be an easy task for you to quit smoking if you have been doing it for many years. But at least starting is not that difficult. So try to give a start to quit smoking.


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Take a pledge to Quit Smoking on this World No Tobacco Day. Will you?


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