Yo Kiran Bedi So Dumb – Lady Pappu of BJP Gives Tough Competition to Alia Bhatt

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BJP’s CM Candidate Kiran Bedi is giving tough competition, well, not to Kejriwal but to Alia Bhatt, Rahul Gandhi and Karishma Tanna. In fact, she has been named as the “Lady Pappu of BJP”. Don’t believe it, then watch out the below video created by Teen Pathar. Its a compilation of some of the most funny moments of Kiran Bedi speaking. Well, its actually always funny to watch Ms Bedi speaking because she never makes any sense and gives only ready-made mugged up kiddish answers.

Yo Kiran Bedi So Dumb – Lady Pappu of BJP


So, with Kiran Bedi emerging as Delhi’s CM candidate from nowhere, has made Alia Bhatt, Karishma Tanna and Rahul Handhi more insecure than ever. Because, now Bedi is here to take away the most dumbest person title from them who have been holding it for a long time.


Check out this video to watch Kiran Bedi speaking and saying some of the most WTF things which is bound to drown the BJP’s titanic. See, how she gives contradictory answers and how she runs away from Arnab’s debate when unable to answer (which, she is most of the time). You will also realize that how she is so right not to accept the challenge from Arvind Kejriwal for a public debate. 🙂

By the way, the recent surveys being telecast by most of news channels indicate, that BJP has already lost elections with Kiran Bedi joining them.

When we tried speaking to Alia Bhatt on this, this is how she responded (see the below pic).



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