ZuckWashYourHands.com – Digital Way to Protest Against Narendra Modi in USA for Gujarat Riots

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Digital India has already showing its presence felt though in a much negative way. Protesters in USA have found a unique digital way to protest against Narendra Modi for his alleged involvement in Gujarat Riots.


Before Modi was to meet Mark Zuckerberg, they sent hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizers with a message Zuck, wash your hands.


That was meant to wash off the blood stains that Mark Zuckerberg will possibly get when he shakes hands with Modi whose hands are full of blood of of the people wh were killed in Gujarat riots in 2002.


They even launched a website with a name ZuckWashYourHands.com via which anyone can send a bottle of hand sanitizer to Mark Zuckerberg with a personal note.


So, far hundreds of bottles each containing the name of the person who was killed during Gujarat 2002 riots have been sent.


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