BeefBan: Eating Beef is a Bigger Crime than a Sexual Assault in India

Maharashtra Govt.’s ban on beef has led to many questions that seem unanswerable as of now. Twitter has reacted very strongly to the ban on cow slaughter and eating beef. The ... Continue Reading →

Shocking Viral Video: US Sikh School boy bullied by racists on school bus

Here is a shocking video uploaded by a Sikh school student in America who has been a victim of racism. He is being bullied by fellow students in a school bus by constantly calling him ... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Skip This GEICO Ad [Viral Video]

You are quite used to “Skipping Ad” after 5 seconds while watching YouTube videos. Aren’t you? But you can’t skip the new GEICO Insurance ad video. Why? Just ... Continue Reading →

10 Guinness Records Made by Bollywood Which People Don’t Know

Bollywood industry has many Guinness records to its credit. There are as many as 10 things for which Bollywood is proud to have made to the Guinness Book of World Records. Many of these ... Continue Reading →

Modi Sarkar’s 2015-16 Ghanta Budget Gives Baba Ji Ka Thullu to Middle Class

Modi Sarkar’s finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the union budget for 2015-16. However, looking at the fine prints, it has been termed as Ghanta-Budget (#घंटाबजट) as ... Continue Reading →

This is How You Can Relate to an Indian Railway and Train Travel

As an Indian, travel by train is a big task. People have endless memories related to every ride they have had on train. Right from getting a confirm ticket to packing your luggage – ... Continue Reading →

[CelebTrains] What If Celebrities Had Their Personal Trains.

Can you guess, what will be special in the trains if they are named after celebrity names or if celebrities owned a personal train. Well, there is no such plan in the Rail Budget as ... Continue Reading →

Pics That Shows Mohan Bhagwat is Nothing More than a Joker

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat continues to be in lime light by making stupid comments one after the other. He is not more than a big fool who thinks people are equally fool like him to believe ... Continue Reading →

Mohan Bhagwat Vs Mother Teresa Controversy. Bhagwat Should Keep His Mouth Shut.

RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat has once again put BJP and Indian PM Modi in soup over his controversial remark against Mother Teresa. It is not the first time that Bhagwat has done such a ... Continue Reading →

Chris Gayle Hits First-ever Double Century in World Cup Cricket – 10 Most Viral Memes

Here are the most funny and viral memes and toons around West indies opener Chris Gayle hitting the first-ever double century in World Cup Cricket against Zimbabwe. On the same day, ... Continue Reading →

15 Reasons Why Cricket is a Religion and Tendulkar is a God for Indian Fans

In India, if you want to see true spirit, madness, support, co-operation, love for the nation and above all, the craziness like never before, you should watch it when there is cricket ... Continue Reading →

25 Most Funny Memes trolling Cricket

Pictures speak louder than words. After India won such an amazing cricket match against Pakistan, the funny troll/memes are sure to make your day in the most amazing manner. Have a ... Continue Reading →
Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra

10 Bollywood Celebrities weddings that happened secretly

Marriages are certainly well planned in Heaven. God only leaves on we humans to let it happen in reality. Some marriages happen with a big bang while there are others that happen without ... Continue Reading →

Still a Single This Valentine’s Day – Must Watch These 25 Funny Memes

Yes, it is the time of the year again- Valentine’s Day when everything around you turns red and lovey dovey types. From shops with teddys, flowers and chocolates, suddenly you ... Continue Reading →
Valentines's Date Bollywood Style Ideas

10 Valentine’s Day Proposal in Bollywood-Style Ideas that Never Fail

The Day to express your love to your crush or beloved, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Thinking of an idea out of the box types to impress your loved one is surely a difficult ... Continue Reading →
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