Daughter Sara’s Bollywood Debut is Father Sachin Tendulkar’s Birthday Gift. 7 Facts You Must Know About Sara Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar who celebrates his birthday on April 24th, has a good news about her daughter Sara coming his way. Probably, a birthday gift for Papa from his cute and adorable daughter ... Continue Reading →

Chetan Bhagat Is in Legal Trouble over Half Girlfriend. It is NOT about What Media is Reporting.

Famous author of many best sellers, Chetan Bhagat is in legal troubles over his famous novel Half Girlfriend. However, it is not at all about what media is currently reporting. We have ... Continue Reading →

Farmer’s Suicide at AAPKisanRally – Tweeps Ask These Questions to Media and BJP

A farmer from Rajasthan, Gajendra Singh committed suicide at AAP Kisan Rally at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Worst thing, soon after he died political parties started with their dirty ... Continue Reading →

Shocking Rape Statistics: India is Not That Bad as Media Portrays? [Video]

India is a rape capital of the world. Delhi is a rape capital of India. Am sure, you must heard about the above phrases (jhumlas) many times. As a matter of fact, when ever any new ... Continue Reading →

What Would be the Opening Scene of a Bollywood Biopic Made on Sachin Tendulkar?

Bollywood movies made on the life of famous sports person of India is a new trend. Not sure, when shall we get to see a movie made on the life of master blaster of Indian cricket i.e. ... Continue Reading →

Rahul Gandhi’s Speech at Kisaan Rally and in Parliament – Roar or Meow?

Fun is back in the air as soon as the Pappu aka joker of Indian politics i.e. Rahul Baba came back after 59 days of long holidays. Two things he did immediately after coming back – ... Continue Reading →

Shocking: This is What Rahul Gandhi was Doing When He Went Missing.

Media is saying Rahul Gandhi went to Bangkok and then visited few more countries before he came back after 59 days of sabbatical leave. However, people are unable to believe this as ... Continue Reading →

These Pics Explain About Seven Best Things Happened Because of Net Neutrality

These seven pics will make you understand the importance of Net Neutrality and what all has happened because of Net Neutrality. This also explains the facts why India wants net neutrality. ... Continue Reading →

Rahul Gandhi Returns – 12 Viral Funny Pics

Just as the news about Rahul Gandhi gone missing became viral, so is the news about his return. Rahul Gandhi has returned back after 56 days long sabbatical leave. Rahul Gandhi has ... Continue Reading →

Best 75 of Most Hilarious Facts About Jagat Babuji Alok Nath

Alok Nath is fondly called as Babu Ji since he is the one of those rare persons in Bollywood who has played a role of a father of a daughter uncountable times. Most of people who have ... Continue Reading →

Amul Cartoon – Funny Take on Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has become a topic of hot discussion between internet users and telecom operators (TRAI). Telecom operators who are trying (via TRAI) to impose new restrictions so as ... Continue Reading →

Is this the Dream India of Babasaheb Ambedkar?

We pay a hefty amount of service tax, VAT, toll tax, house tax, municipality tax, garbage collection tax, education tax, fuel surcharge etc. etc! Our finance minister asks us to take ... Continue Reading →

Singer Mika Singh Slaps Doctor – Video Goes Viral

The video of singer Mika Singh slapping a doctor in an event in Delhi has gone viral. The event was arranged by Doctors only. As per reports, doctors were dancing to the songs of Mika ... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy of Modern Indian Society Exposed [Funny Memes]

There is too much of  hypocrisy prevalent amongst the educated and so-called modern & intellectual society in India. You can witness double standards in almost any sphere of life ... Continue Reading →

Sania Mirza is the First Indian to Be World No 1 in Women Doubles. 10 Controversies that She Can Never Forget.

Famous Indian Tennis Player Sania Mirza had become the first Indian to become World No 1 in Women doubles. However, her life has not been free from controversies but she has been able ... Continue Reading →
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