Valentines's Date Bollywood Style Ideas

10 Valentine’s Day Proposal in Bollywood-Style Ideas that Never Fail

The Day to express your love to your crush or beloved, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Thinking of an idea out of the box types to impress your loved one is surely a difficult ... Continue Reading →
Kangna Ranaut

Famous Indians Celebs who can’t speak English well

English is not the mother tongue for most of the Indians. It is primarily the second language we all learn in our school days. So it is not very surprising that most Indians cannot ... Continue Reading →
Suzanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan

Famous Bollywood Celebs who got married on Valentine’s Day

If you believe in love and want to get hooked to the love of your life, there is no better day than the Valentine’s Day when the world celebrates the beautiful relation of love. It’s ... Continue Reading →

Is freedom of speech all about the shit that happened in AIB Knockout Roast?

We Indians just love to be American. Ohh yes! Though we like Indi pop even in disco, we have status updates like “listening to Bryan Adams” on facebook every weekend. Even ... Continue Reading →
Roy Romantic Film

20 Best Bollywood Movies to be watched on Valentine’s Day

It’s February! The month when the fragrance of romance and the hearts beating faster in every nook and corner, making the environment goes all red being the color of love. Yes, Feb ... Continue Reading →

Need Laughing Dose? Watch PK Movie Spoof- CK

Enjoyed the last month of 2014 with PK, now enjoy first month of 2015 with CK. What is CK? The Spoofs are all time favorite of many. On a celebrity, when a movie is nearing its release ... Continue Reading →
Sanjay Dutt Jailed

10 Famous Bollywood Stars who have ever been Arrested

Whether it is any era or year, Bollywood stars are always in the limelight be it for good or very wrong done. Mind The News took the initiative to list down the names of the famous ... Continue Reading →
Ranbir Kapoor

Sweet 16 Unknown Interesting Facts about Ranbir Kapoor

Well-Known Lover Boy of B-Town, Ranbir Kapoor has charmed the masses from his fantastic hereditary looks, great acting skills and hard work and has been a heartthrob of zillions of ... Continue Reading →

35 Rare Childhood Pics and nicknames of Bollywood Celebrities

When you look at your childhood picture, the general reaction is ‘Aww’, ‘I was so cute’, ‘How stupid of me’ and what not. Right? Imagine, how you will react seeing your ... Continue Reading →
Aamir Khan Incredible Actor

10 Reasons That Prove Aamir Khan is really Mr. Perfectionist

For the people who are still unaware that Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist, this piece of writing is sure to prove him once for you all to believe. An actor, filmmaker, director, ... Continue Reading →

Who Are The Most Tech-Savvy Bollywood Celebrities?

When we talk about Bollywood, everything needs to be in style. Be it costumes, parties, gadgets or whatever. If you thought using sophisticated gadgets only centres to the reel-life, ... Continue Reading →
Salman Khan Debut Film

20 Unknown Facts about Bollywood Actor Salman Khan

Who doesn’t know the name of one famous Bollywood Actor ‘Salman Khan’? Working on numerous films in couple of years having Box Office smash hits, Salman Khan is one of the most ... Continue Reading →

10 Most Famous Bollywood Controversies of 2014

It goes without saying that every year will sum up to Bollywood’s most talked about drama and controversies. Year 2014 is no different is continuing with the trend with few shocking ... Continue Reading →

PK asks us a few questions that we are opposing but fail to answer

My editor kept asking me to write a review on ‘PK’ off late now. I am not a real movie buff so always told him that I haven’t even watched the movie. He didn’t ... Continue Reading →

30 Bollywood Movie Posters copied from Hollywood

We call it ‘Copy-Paste’; Bollywood calls it ‘Inspiration’! The Misguided term by the Bollywood from filmmakers to music composers or choreographers, Bollywood has always been ... Continue Reading →
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