Freedom of Speech Vs Freedom to Breathe: An Open Letter to Rajdeep Sardesai

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Hi Sir,

Recently I have come across to your article in which you openly declared yourself an Anti-National, such is your love for the country and its constitution. You are a true inspiration for terrorists and enemies of the country, I salute you.

Being an anti-national has become a trendy thing, it is the latest fashion trend admired and supported by thousands of highly educated and intellectual people across the JNU. While the majority of Indian people are blaring up against JNU students, who shouted anti-national slogans, some of us are tremendously liberal and saintly.


When police arrested a JNU student accused of chanting anti-India slogan, it violated the freedom of speech of those people who think they are free to conspire against the country. If they are allowed the freedom of speech, people will be massacred in bomb blasts and terrorist attacks. So it is imperative to cease their freedom of speech for our freedom to breathe. Here are some facts for you sir to introspect and ponder.

  •  Paid media journalists support anti-national elements and put the unity and security of the country in danger.
  •  An Indian can be Anti-BJP, Anti-Modi, but not Anti-National. If you are Anti-National, you have no freedom of speech in the country.
  •  Nobody needs a certification to become a patriot, but when you put your own interest over the interest of the country, you have no freedom of speech.
  •  You have no freedom of speech to chant anti-national slogan and instigate people against the country
  •  Someone’s wrongdoing does not give you a license to support anti-national forces.
  •  As a responsible journalist and citizen of the country, you should raise an unbiased voice against law breakers.
  •  If you are not sure about the identification of traitors in JNU, leave it to the police and administration, but for the god sake stop conspiring against the nation.
  •  Even an illiterate person can recognize between anti-government and anti-national things, so don’t befool the nation
  •  Who are you to listen to Kashmir separatist and other anti-national forces? If you support them you will meet the fate of Afzal Guru. The foreign issues and Kashmir problem are supposed to be dealt by the government, not by you.
  •  Afzal Guru was hanged after following all the legal procedure of the constitution and court, so raising a finger on the decision of the Supreme Court amounts to contempt of court and you are guilty.
  •  I agree Kashmir separatists and PDP regard Afzal innocent, but you are not free to commit a crime by citing someone else’s example.
  •  As I already told that you can dissent from a person, but not with national interest. People of Hindu Mahasabha are anti-Gandhi, but not anti-national.
  •  There are many political leaders, like Owaisi, Azam Khan, Sakshi Maharaj and more who give poisonous statements against each other, but they cannot be termed anti-national until they speak against India.
  •  You call yourself a “Proud Hindu” and don’t know or conveniently ignore the fact that cow is regarded as a mother in Hindu religion.
  •  Pakistan was a part of India and it still shares the culture, ethics, and civilization of the country. We don’t hate Pakistan, but our liability is to protect the lives of our citizen and for this we can take any stern measure as per the situation.
  •  You have the right to eat the food of your choice, you have the right to speak your mind, but as a citizen of India, you have the responsibility to follow the law and regulation which restricts you from eating beef and chanting anti-India slogan.
  •  You should know that every action invites reaction and the law of cause and effect exists everywhere. People who have beaten journalists and JNU students were not paid for it, they did it out of the anger arising from anti-national slogans in JNU
  •  Why you are dragging the 1992 issue here. Do you intend to instigate the minority community to commit anti-national activities?
  •  You are a hypocrite, on the one hand, you support JNU students who raised slogans for Afzal, who attacked parliament and killed many policemen and jawans, and on the other hand, you say that you support jawans.
  •  You can support gay rights based on your interest, but you have to respect the existing law.
  •  If you believe in Ambedkar then how come you are supporting unconstitutional activities like raising anti-India slogans?
  •  If you are against the death penalty, then why didn’t you raise your voice when Nathuram Godase was hanged or when other criminals were executed. Why do you choose to oppose death penalty when a terrorist is executed?
  •  When anti-national elements are openly shouting hate India slogans then why can’t saffron, bring in their philosophy which is more beneficial for every community of Indian society?
  •  You want people to apologize you and I am sure they are looking for you. They will say sorry, but their style may differ, I am not sure if you would like it.

Definition of sedation and anti-national is same for the most of the people in the country. I don’t know which dictionary or reference book you use. Install a make in India dictionary in your mind and no one will ever call you anti-national. May god bless you with wisdom and patriotism?

About the Author: Satyendra Pratap Singh is a Content Writer, Poet, and Digital Marketer. For more details visit his website


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