5 Movies Which Are Captured In Amazing Locations

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Bollywood films take us to some exotic locations and make those places popular tourist spots. They explore new countries and we start dreaming about it. Here are some list of films which were shot in such locations and made us crazy with the spectacular view.

Dil Dhadakne Do, the much anticipated movie of 2015 did not do well in the Box Office but people still talk about the Mediterranean Belt which was shown in this film. Evidently the film helped the tourist to plan their trip and encouraged travelers to explore this part of the world.  Cruz trip is always very enthralling.

Blue Mediterrean Sea In The Background of DDND
The Prime Location of Dil Dhadak Ne Do

This amazing film didn’t miss any single award of that season. People liked the concept of a bachelor trip before the wedlock. The film chose Spain to highlight. ZNMD was a light fun-filled film of friendship, love and destiny. The famous Tomatina fest was first shown in Hindi picture. Naturally the viewers loved to watch an exciting plot like this.

ZNMD Took Us To Spain
Exclusive View of Spain

The latest Ranbir- Deepika starrer Tamasha was partly shot in Corsica island. The exquisite locations and beaches of Corsica have become an instant hit. Credit goes to the director who chose this part of France as an ideal tourist spot to capture. Previously for our very Indian audience Paris represented France but now with the release of Tamasha people are showing interest to explore Corsica island too.

Deepika & Ranbir Romancing in Corsica
Candid Still From Tamasha

Rockstar was a musical hit. Besides music people only notice Prague which was not very common place for the Indians. In this film Ranbir was seen romancing with Nargis Fakri in Prague. After the release many people booked their holiday package in Prague and witness the spots where the film was shot.

Picturesque Prague Captured In Rockstar
Picturesque Prague in Rockstar

Dhoom series has been famous for two things- the great bike race and for the technique of burglary. Dhoom 2 was no exception.In the second half of the movie we were taken to Rio De Janeiro Brazil. We saw Bipasha and Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan to shake their legs in an exotic island and we also got to see the famous Christ the Redeemer in the pan shot. This is how a film can easily promote any location and makes a popular place for the crazy tourists..

Bipasha in Brazil For Dhoom 2
Dhoom 2 was shot in Brazil

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