Most Infamous Wardrobe malfunctions suffered by Bollywood Actresses

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Wardrobe malfunction is definitely not a good thing to happen. However, in Bollywood, many actresses have suffered wardrobe malfunction time and again. Well this usually happens in the quest of looking good and out doing one another. It is the most embarrassing thing to happen. However, some might be doing for attention also. Today we will list some of the wardrobe malfunctions suffered by Bollywood beauties.

1) Katrina kaif

The number one star of Bollywood – Katrina Kaif, has also suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Recently while performing in Mumbai for her hot number shila ki jawani, her strap came down. Well, thankfully she became conscious and aware of the situation. Other wise, it would have been visible on media news channels and she would have got free publicity of this embarrassing topic.

katrina kaif wardrobe malfunction

2) Sonam kapoor

Though not a proper wardrobe malfunction but, certainly something similar happened with sonam kapoor recently. She was giving interview at a media event and her strapless tees kept coming down. Well she was aware of the situation and directed her attention. We would suggest if you are not comfortable in something, you should not wear it at first place right.sonam kapoor strapless tee

3) Aishwarya rai bachcahn

While promoting her film ravan, she attended a media event in a saree. Well everyone would wonder what could be wrong with a saree? Well her blouse was too tight rather too short, which led to show her cleavage more than required. This was the most talked about topic in media then. Well all we would say is BE careful next time.

aishwarya rai wardrobe malfunction

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4) Lara dutta

It has happened with her many times. Now, It happened with her in sri lanka where she had gone to attend an award function. Her dress strap slipped up and she was all embarrassed at the red carpet. However, thankfully, the situation was in control, and she rushed out from the venue.

lara dutta

5) Shilpa shetty

It happened with her on her D-day. On her reception, the dress she wore kept slipping off. It was a total misfit. In fact, she kept fidgeting with the dress in front of the whole media. Therefore, she displayed many unwanted things, which gave her a nightmare. However, it was not a proper wardrobe malfunction.

shilpa shetty

6) Kareena kapoor

Glam queen of Bollywood, kareena also suffered a wardrobe malfunction. It happened with her on the eve of a media event. The dress she wore was so short that it revealed much more. She was embarrassed by the whole event. Thankfully, for her, the media did not publicize the issue.

kareena kapoor

7) Kangana ranaut

She loves exploring with new dresses and looks, which often lands her in trouble. She wore an outfit for a designer friend at a fashion show. The neckline was so deep, that her busts were visible. Though embarrassed she still faced the world with confidence. Hats off to her guts!

Kangana ranaut

8) Yana gupta

She created quite a hype in the media through her panty less act at a children’s event. However, she said it is not a big deal for her. But, she took everyone by surprise as there was lots of buzz with this publicity in media.

Yana gupta

We would suggest, be cautious of your looks and dress next time pretty girls!


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